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Our Mission Statement is:
"To reach young people with the gospel of Jesus Christ, to encourage godliness in their lives, and to send them out as equipped witnesses for His kingdom."

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Sarah G.
I would like to take this opportunity to share what God has done in my life through attending Circle Cs Snow Camp. I have gone basically every year since 5th grade? I don't remember exactly but basically ever since Doug Henry decided to take our youth group there. The first year I gave my life to Christ. I fully under- stood the commitment I was making but didn't understand the impact that God would have on my life. Fast forward 4 years to ninth grade. At the beginning of ninth grade I started my battle with anorexia. It slowly consumed my whole life by Christmas time. I was skin and bones and so lost. I hated my body and myself. Some days I thought I was super fat and some days I saw what I truly was. My body image was horrible and my mind was in a very dark place. By the time Snow Camp rolled around I was ready to break free from my disorder, from all those thoughts that just consumed me, from the fear of eating food. I wanted so desper- ately to be normal again and I knew that the only way that was possible was through Jesus Christ. That year at snow camp was the year that He saved my life. Through HIM a was able to let go. I let go of everything that was holding me in that dark place. I was truly free. In that chapel at Circle C Ranch my life was saved by the grace of God. I realized that winter, that I cannot walk this life without Him. Through Him, I see myself as He sees me. Without that, I would be so incredibly and completely lost. Through God all things are possible. I would like the thank everyone who prayed for me there and still continues to pray for me Ember Jeffers Gourley, Wayne Aarum, Heather Gourley and whoever else. Circle C Ranch is truly a wonderful place. I have seen how it not only effects my life but those in our com- munity who are able to attend it every year. It was the highlight of mine and my friends winter for so many years. I love looking back and seeing how my friends' and my relationship with God have grown over the years during Snow Camp. Thank you to everyone who makes it possible.

Christin Marie Hoffman
Circle C Ranch is an amazing place that can be experienced by generations. I be- gan my walk with Christ under the discipleship of Wayne Aarum. I learned the importance of living life in a manner that draws others to Christ. Being bold and ready to share my testimony and understanding the importance of hiding God's word in your heart. Circle C Ranch offers the opportunity to be immersed in the teachings and confidence of Christ while having the time of your life barreling down snowy hillsides tubing or enjoying crazy and wild games designed to shock and awe. The staff at Circle C is hand picked and chosen. Staff members have living testimonies of how good God's grace and mercy are! They are individuals who will invest in the lives of your children! As we head into the season of Thanks- giving Circle C Ranch is definitely among my counted blessings and the Ministry of Wayne and Julie and all of their staff have impacted my life for an eternity! So much so that I prayed to God that my children would be able to have the same experience and God answered those prayers allowing my daughter to win a week during summer camp and the stories and feelings she came back with mirrored my own. Circle C Ranch is a place that your heart will hold dear forever!

Janice Jordan Kidd
I am glad to have grown up in the summer program and snow camp at Circle C Ranch! I loved the horseback riding, games, swimming and making amazing friends. But for me the real magic happen during Chapel, this is where I got to take the tools home to grow in my relationship with my Savior. Now I get to live it all over again with bringing our church teens. Thank you Mr.Wes and Wes Jr. , Wayne Aarum and Julie Aarum for your dedication to Christ and His service!
P.S. the staff also.

David Ashby
I can't possibly express everything camp has meant to me. I have had countless memories and met amazing people and I have been truly blessed to serve God there with the very best of friends. More important than all of that circle c was where I first really understood who Jesus is and what He did for me. Thank you Circle C.

Kelly Baesen
Circle C Ranch taught me so much about God, walking in faith, prayer and minis- try! I spent most of my high school years at Circle C and loved every minute of it!! So many great memories with friends! So many precious moments seeing God work in the staff and campers! Learning from Mr. Wes, Wayne and seeing Grandpa John's smile every morning singing. I am so excited to share Circle C with my boys next summer! Passing it on!

Nick Andrews
5 years ago, I walked into a lifeguard course and a man by the name of Mr. Wes told me that if I was good, he might have a job for me. I walked into camp that year knowing three people, and left with family. God has used Circle C Ranch to change my life in ways I never dreamed. He has made me rely on Him and shown me that there's more than ceremony to a Christian life. I pray God will let me ex- perience more of the insanity.

Joe Ferrante
So thankful for the Ministry of Circle C Ranch and the Aarum family. It's the place the Gospel came alive to me as a kid for the first time and met Jesus who took me from darkness to light. It's the place where God captured my heart and made me passionate for young people. Working there full time changed everything about the direction of my life. I met some of my closest friends, and met my incredible wife. If it wasn't for serving there I wouldn't be in Rochester still striving to see young people changed by the power of the Gospel.

Rachel Folaron
The first time I attended Circle C Ranch I was in late middle school/early high school for a snow camp. I continued going to snow camps for many years and even one week during the summer of 2003. A few years later in 2008 I had my first opportunity to serve there for the summer as a counselor. That summer changed my life. I rededicated my life to Christ, it was amazing. Since then I've been able to serve there for a number of years, all different events, and witnessed tons of young people giving their lives to Christ!

Kelsey Gold
I could not express the impact this place has had on my life. The countless times God has grabbed ahold of my heart and the friendships I have will bring me back time and time again to see the work God has done and will continue to do through Circle C Ranch! If you or your kids are under 18 years old, I could not encourage you enough to check out this camp
Also a little shoutout to my campers... Love you girls more than you know! Praying for you!

Beth Ann Yerico Priester
Circle C Ranch has provided my oldest son with 2 great weeks filled with learning about God and having fun! He looks forward to it every year!

Rachel Taylor
I loved my three summers working at Circle C Ranch. My very first summer there I came as a camp counselor and God changed and saved my life! Every year God had something new to teach me. Most of all I'm thankful for the leadership like Wayne Aarum who never gave up on me even when I felt like the worst of sinners my first year and Leslie Wolbert who constantly stayed by my side and discipled me to know The Lord better. I'm so thankful for my co-counselors and the fun awesome campers I met each year. Love Circle C Ranch!

Christin Thorpe
I absolutely loved my two summers working at Circle C! Perhaps my best memory comes from the summer of 2009 when I experienced the deaths of two important people in my life, a childhood friend and my dad. The warmth and care I received from the staff when I returned after my dad's funeral was something I could have never imagined, a true testament to the bond of love among brothers and sisters in Christ. Both the heritage and legacy of the camp undoubtedly belong to the Lord.

Larry Petry
I've found Circle C to be a place of joy, meaning and clarity in a dark world. Wayne Aarum and co. do a PHENOMENAL job cranking some dynamic ministry through that place. I encourage all students and youth leaders in our region to get familiar with Circle C!

Joanna Marinaro
My daughter has gone the last three summers and also for snow camp and has been extremely blessed by all the staff!!! Truly followers of Christ!!!

Peter J Pasieka
This ministry had a major impact on me as a child. Through their summer camps I attended with Dave Hoekstra, my faith in Christ was strengthened and deepened. Wayne Aarum and all the incredible staff at Circle C continue to boldly and lov- ingly share the good news of Jesus, changing thousands of student's lives.
I am incredibly thankful for this ministry and can't wait to bring my youth ministry students there again this year for snow camp!

Melissa Osborne
From boondoggle to lasertron Circle C Ranch has had an impact my life. The friendships, inside jokes, and the lessons I've learned will always make me thankful that I got to be a part of something so great!

James Mclean
I could sit here and probably right a 12 page paper about how great this place and the message they preach is but lets face it, people are busy so I've chosen 3 words that I think best sums up Circle C Ranch and the impact its had on my life...... AWESOME - its the most fun place to be at anytime.
INSPIRING - You dont just leave with the memories of a fun week or weekend you leave with the greatest truth ever told and that Truth is Jesus.
LIFE CHANGING - The impact this place had on me is amazing. I honestly beleive Id be either in prison or dead had my childhood not experienced this place and seen the Wonder that is Jesus Christ.....

Doug Henry
I have been taking kids there for a decade now. It started with 5 kids from my youth group to my entire community coming together to send 160 people there the last two years. This year, we will have people from 13 different churches in our little community. I will gladly travel 3.5 hours through rain, snow, sleet and more snow, because I know that this experience has lasting effects on the teens we bring every single year! Keep up the good work Circle C!

Stephen Hay
The first time I visited Circle C Ranch I brought with me a very young and new youth group of 12 unchurched kids in 2009. After our weekend at Snow Camp all of them showed an interest in learning more about this guy named Jesus and some of them, Jesus even saved. That February 2009 was the Catalyst that would shake up this little town of Wilson, NY as we know it, and solidify the platform we now know as Pulse, a 6 year old hangout and staple in the Wilson community that has seen up to 140 youth on some nights. Thank you Circle C for all your help!

Ashley Powley Hill
Our youth group can't wait for snow camp!! Sign your youth group up now, you won't regret it! Circle C Ranch has been such a blessing in our lives

Megan Curry
Circle C Ranch has impacted my life in so many ways. This camp has drawn me closer to God and made me realize that He is number one in my life. I have made great friends there. I have learned from my past and have a great life and happy where I am. Circle C Ranch is a great place to learn, make friends, and have fun.

Ashley Thomas-Meager
Circle © Ranch. This place has made such an impact on my life, not only have I met some of my best friends there but I have also grown in ways I never thought possible. Its where I met my Savior, where I had some of my most drastic spiritual growth and also where I was baptised. I'm so very thankful for this place, it has become my home and really is my favorite place on earth.

Lynn Yaple
We want to thank Wayne Aarum and the Circle C staff for their total commitment to Jesus and the ministry of Circle C. Oh the wonderful memories we have of Circle C Ranch and it's staff. We were honored to be counselors for so many fall and winter week end camps, we can't count them, and a Halloween weekend camp at Circle C. Everything from morning to bedtime was so fun filled. Breakfast held competition games; day time there were out door team games, or swimming, or snow tubing, and one of my favorite evening games was make your team mas- cots. One young man was so very willing to be our mascot and we won the com- petition! His name was Michael T. and he was an awesome Chef Boyardee! Every young person from every cabin enjoyed so much fun, but the best part was Chapel time. Whether it is Wes senior, Wes Jr., Wayne or another staff member speaking, the message is always so clear, giving young people the message of salvation, and guide lines on how God wants us to live. We as adults always came home from camp renewed in our faith, and hearts filled with love for the many young people that gave their lives to Christ. We also had the blessing of our own 2 children being able to attend summer camp, and some winter camps. Plus our grand daughter went to winter camp and made a commitment to Jesus there. How blessed we are to have a camp like Circle C to send our loved ones to! If you are looking for a great Christ centered Christian camp to send your young person to, it is right here in Delavan, N. Y.

Emma Joan Ferrante
Where can I even begin! Circle C Ranch is one of my favorite places on earth. So many summer days and nights spent there learning more about Jesus and making memories I will never forget. As a seven year old little girl I asked Jesus into my heart for the first time in the chapel at the top of the hill. My parents sacrificed every summer to pay for me and countless friends to go to camp and grow deeper in my faith. Then I had the amazing privilege to work there for four of the best summers of my life, I met the love of my life there too which is an added bonus! I can't wait to be able to send my kids there someday. Circle C is one of the places that I can firmly say shaped my faith and who I am today! Summers spent working there were never wasted. I love CIRCLE C RANCH!

Emily Klee
Circle C Ranch has done so much in my life, I've been able to meet so many awe- some Godly people, and I've learned so much! I've been able to camp and work there over the years. You should check it out!

Kyla Anne
I am so thankful for the opportunity to spend the last two years working at Circle C Ranch as a Wrangler in the summer and volunteer staff at Snow Camp!! Miss you all, especially my wrangler girls!

Eric Craddock
Circle C Ranch is so much more than just a place, it truly is a living family. But more importantly, this family happens to be based on GOD. The way He has worked through this camp to touch all those that have been here, including my- self, is beyond comprehensible. The thousands of souls that have been changed from spending even just one day at this place makes me see just how powerful God can be when we are willing to let Him work. Thank you Circle C Ranch for everything you have done, and all you will come to do.

Mackenzie Claire
Circle C has transformed my life by helping me realize the truth of the gospel and how incredibly valuable I am in the eyes of my Savior. It is also the place that has given me the opportunity to share that truth of God's love. It is a place filled with lifelong friends, incredible memories, and the unshakeable truth of God's incred- ible love. Basically, if you've never been there, you should definitely check it out.

Tim Schultz
I can honestly say the best place in the world is Circle C Ranch. It is the perfect place to feel the love of God and is a place where I have met my greatest friends that will last a lifetime. I loved being able to be on staff there for the past 2 years and I would have to say those were the best summers and winters ever. I can't wait to see what happens next at Circle C I just hope I get to be a part of it.

Taylor Patterson
I have been so blessed and so honored to be able to work at Circle C for 4 sum- mers. I have have see so many amazing things, and have had so many great adven- tures and have made so many great friendships. Working at Circle C has encour- aged me to stay strong in my walk and gave me the tools to stay strong. I thank God everyday that Circle C was placed into my life!

Jenny Erzkus
Circle C ranch is an incredible place that taught me that God loves me and wanted to be in my life forever. I had the amazing opportunity of working there this past summer and serving the Lord with fellow staff. God truly did amazing work! I love Circle C Ranch!

Madison M.
I have been going to snow camp since the 5th grade and it sure has changed my life through the years. My first year I finally understood what it meant to be a child of God and I was able to grow tremendously. My tenth grade year at Circle C had the biggest influence on my life. Towards the end of 9th grade and throughout 10th I struggled with depression and anxiety. My whole life was consumed in my fears and worries. I am very thankful that I went to camp that year because God truly was present. He was present in the worship, services, and in my counselor. I was at such a low, but in that short weekend something clicked in my mind that God's plans for my life aren't finished and the devil no longer has a hold of me. Without that weekend I don't know where I'd be today. I'm forever grateful for the people there that have become family. But I am most of all grateful for the God who sees me and knows my name and who loves me.

Vix Crocker
To me without Circle C Ranch I wouldn't be the person I am today. Words can't describe my experiences I've had there and how much each one means to me. I'm so thankful the I am able to work for the camp that saved my life. Thank you so much for all you do!!

Josh Smith
Where do I start!? I am so thankful for this place, it really made me the man I am today and I can't thank God enough! I was a camper for 8 years and was going at least twice during the summer and I have worked 5 summers and hope to have some more summers in me! God has done so much though this camp saving lives and equipping kids on how to tell there friends and family about Jesus... So thank you for all you have done and what your going to do!.. And this was the verse and theme that changed my life around 1st Corinthian 10:31 "Live Like You Mean It

Ryan Howard Morgan
I have trouble even knowing where to begin. I started out as a camper here, worked on staff for a bunch of years, met my husband at the ranch, now have a little camper of my very own, and our family always visits the Ranch when we are in NY. I was a Christian before I started attending, but there has been no other time or place in my life where my walk with the Lord was strengthened like the times I spent at Circle C. Some of my dearest friends and fondest memories were made there...both serious times spent as well as goofy ones. There are many times that I wish I could still go work for the summer....but I guess that at this point in life, I'll have to live vicariously through my kids. Anyone who thinks that kids can't have good, clean fun hasn't experienced a week at Circle C....I'm so thrilled that my kids are now going to be able to have this awesome experience!

Priscilla Vargo
I have 5 scrapbooks dedicated to each summer I camped here, huge part of my childhood....every so often I will STILL get a cheer or a song from camp 20 years ago stuck in my head LOL!

Judy Rosario-Adams
Thank you for your camp. Our leaders and kids have all been blessed. We actually made our own DVD of pictures we took at the camp and gave them to our youth group. Priceless memories

Kathryn Plunkett
I spent 4 amazing summers as a counselor at Circle C Ranch. I was blessed by my 4 years there. Not only did I meet so many great people, some of whom I continue to be in contact with and share the best of friendships with, but I learned so much about myself and grew in my relationship with Christ. This is a place that is not only a ton of fun but has a mission in mind; to reach kids with the Gospel. The staff is so passionate about that mission and puts their whole heart into doing their part. I wouldn't trade the years I had the opportunity to serve at such an amazing, Christ-centered camp.

Christen Sullivan
Thank you Circle C Ranch for your impact on my life and the lives of so many over the years. Circle C is where I first committed my life to Christ and I am so blessed to have been a counselor for 3 summers at a camp that impacted me in such a big way. What a wonderful experience it is to work alongside dedicated staff, be able to have an impact on eternity by sharing the Gospel with each camper, and being able to give kids the time of their lives with all of the crazy, wacky fun that is Circle C.

Christina Zima
One of the best summers of my life was working at The Ranch in Dale Evans. In- credible campers, an awesome co-counselor, great staff and a life changing sum- mer. What an incredible place!

Chelsea Kauffmann
Since I was eight years old, I've spent every summer, either camping or working, at the best place on the planet. Circle C is not only the place where I accepted Jesus into my heart and fully committed my life to Him, it is also the place where I've created such irreplaceable friendships with my closest friends. There isn't a day that goes by when I don't think about this beautiful place and all the amazing things God has done and will accomplish there. Circle C Ranch is not only the place that continues to transform my life; it is a second place that I can call home.

Gary Ashby
In Feb. of 1981 Becky and I took our youth group to Circle C Ranch, Snow Camp, our first of many. Our team name was the "Storks" as Becky was very pregnant. (Last night I got a private message from a student who said he accepted Christ that weekend and couldn't imagine how his life would have turned out without that weekend. He was a teacher, then principle, now an educational consultant with a godly family.) The day after we got home Becky went into labor, and our son Tom was born. Eight years later he was a camper, then Charlene, then David. Tom and Dave became staffers, Dave still was last summer, while still pastoring his church in Middleport. Circle C and the friends made there have had a major im- pact on who my children are today. May God bless Circle C Ranch!