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So you’re interested in starting a club to stop human-trafficking in your generation….. AWESOME!


You have to talk to your school administrators to find out what your school requires in order for you to be an official club. Usually you will need a faculty adviser and a statement of purpose! Something like, "This club exists to inform our school and community about the realities of sex-trafficking, and to run activities that will assist organizations that are already taking part in this cause!” 


You need to work on some activities that will continue to bring attention to the issue and educate students and your community. Some ideas could be:

  • Wear a certain color some day to show that you are standing against human-trafficking (if you do this one you might also want to print out some facts and statistics about human-trafficking so you can inform people that ask you about what you are doing!)
  • Invite guest speakers to your club and get your friends there to hear what is going on with this issue.
  • Speak, any class presentation/report can be a great opportunity to share about this issue. You can also create a data base from the links we have and others for the students in the club to use in writing papers or doing presentations/reports.
  • The other thing your club can do is fund-raise for organizations that are already out there fighting this. You will need to clear the organization you want to fund-raise for with your school administration, then you can:
  • Bake sale – easy and can make some decent cash
  • Sell the groups products in your school
  • Create a game night in your gym, anything from a dodge ball competition to ping-pong or video games. Charge people to enter and have a prize for the winners and the rest of the money goes to the organization.
  • Walk/jog-a-thon can be an pretty easy way to let people raise money.
  • Create a video, even a music video, about sex-trafficking. Then post it on youtube and send the link to us and we will try to get it on our Reach Media page! Inspire everyone who comes across our website! 


On our link page you can also see what ideas the organizations suggest for raising money or awareness. Good luck and don’t give up even if some things don’t go like you hoped they would! Be creative! You can do this!

You don't even have to start a club, even something as simple as a fund raiser can help!