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Who We Are.
Wayne Aarum

Hey my name is Wayne Aarum, and I am the director of Reach. About 4 years ago I attended a music festival called Kingdom Bound, and there I went through a presentation called, The Justice Experience presented by Let Them LOL. It was there I first learned in detail about sex trafficking and what was going on in our world. Since then the topic has been on my heart until it finally moved me to create our Reach program. I know what it feels like to be helpless and hopeless, there was a time in my life when I was. I realized I was a sinner and was lost in my sin and rebellion against God. I needed to be rescued, I needed a Savior.

In the Bible, John 14:6, Jesus says that He is that Savior. When I chose to put my faith and trust in Jesus and to totally commit to Him I not only got my sins forgiven, but I also was guaranteed a home in heaven! Since then my life has been a journey to know Him better and to follow Him in every aspect of my life. If you would like to experience what I have, just click here and check it out. Thanks for joining us in our fight against slavery and sex trafficking!

Chloe Saladyga

Hi my name is Chloe Saladyga. I grew up in a great home with amazing parents and 4 older siblings. When I was around 5 years old, my parents started taking me to church. Not realizing how important church is, I went to church just for the food and fun. When fourth grade came, my parents transferred me to a christian school and there I heard about Jesus everyday. Hearing about Jesus and our salvation everyday made me think that I should accept Jesus into my heart because I thought it was the right thing to do. From there on, there was no dramatic change in my life. Throughout middle school and into early high school, I got caught up in the ‘popular’ crowd and didn’t make the best choices. Every year I went to Circle C Ranch and always recommitted my life to Christ but never completely changed my life style.

In 2008, I started working at Circle C Ranch’s snowcamp. There I saw teens my age committing their lives to Christ, and it made me start thinking about my own life and choices. From there on, my life has taken a complete turned around and I live for one purpose, to glorify Christ throughout everything I do or say. Soon I graduated high school and wasn’t completely sure where God wants me to go. Through different obstacles that I have had to face,the Lord has molded my heart into a warrior that won’t stop fighting for girls that are trapped in sex trafficking.When I finally realized that this is what I want to do with my future, I was offered the opportunity to do this program and create not only awareness but a way ANYONE can help out, right on the spot.

I am so grateful and blessed that I get to be in a program that provides a way for anyone to rescue these girls because they need our help. Hopefully in the future, I will be pursuing a degree/ career involved in rescuing girls from sex trafficking. I will never stop fighting because these girls need someone to step up and fight for them, and I am ready to take on the task.

Julie Aarum

My name is Julie Aarum. I was born and raised in a Christ-centered home and accepted Jesus into my heart when I was six years old. I, like many kids who were raised in a Christian home, went through a time of "going through the motions” and not really appreciating ALL that Christ has truly done for me. Ever since I was little, though, my heart has always held a special place for children. As Christ has even said in Matthew 19:14, "Let the little children come unto Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” These words really have spoken to me and continue to speak to me as I think about how "easy” I had it—and yet Christ waited patiently for me to give my ALL to Him.
I see that these precious children that are sold into this sick sex slavery world are innocent children of our Creator and don’t have it "easy” at all. They are suffering everyday for their very existence and I want to do my part in any way I can to help them and free them from this life. They should be able to live like any other child and not have to wonder daily what is going to happen to them and if they are going to die. I thank God everyday that I am a child of His—and there are many girls out there that have no idea there is a Savior that loves them unconditionally and wants the very best for them. Please join me in any way you can in helping this become a reality for them!

Josh Aarum

Hello, My name is Josh and I have had a passion against this type of slavery for a long time. It infuriates me to know that people can be trapped without freedom or a way out. They have no option there is only the task that their owners have for them. But there is a similarity between me and the enslaved, and thankfully I was rescued, in fact I am rescued every day. You see I choose wrong things every day, my sin nature chooses things that make me initially happy but in the long run will only hurt me, and through this I enslave myself to my own desires.

But thanks be to God that he gives me a way out! he gives me a chance to embrace redemption because of what he did for me. If you have never experienced this type of freedom, WHY NOT!? if you want to know about this relationship with God that has set me free check out this link- Click Here.

Whitney Aarum

My name is Whitney Aarum, and I am very excited to be a part of a program that is going to help rescue girls my age. I hope you will all help us rescue these girls and give them a new chance at life!