Summer Camp
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Mailing Address:Circle C Ranch 10451 Ashcraft Rd, Delevan, NY 14042-9664


Summer camp is a week long experience with all the facilities going strong. It is for ages 8-18 with two weeks set aside just for teenagers. Each week we will be experiencing brand new games that Circle C Ranch has never done before!


What Registration Looks Like:

9:00 AM is when our registration line opens and it runs until 11:30 AM (Our Wild West Shoot-out is at10:45 AM). 
You’ll be met at the Circle C Ranch front gate by one of our staff who will welcome you and give you some brief instructions which will include telling you to have all medication for your child ready so that you can turn it into the camp nurse when you go through the registration line. Your child’s luggage will be unloaded for you and placed on the front porch of the Dining Hall to be picked up after you register.(Please have all of your child’s belongings marked with his or her name, we are not responsible for lost articles.)
You’ll park your vehicle and proceed through registration where you’ll pay your remaining balance, turn in your child’s spending money (See-Tuck & Tack), check in with the camp nurse if you have any medications to turn in, and meet your child’s counselor who will help you with your luggage and get you child all settled into his or her cabin, ready to start an awesome week!

What a Week Looks Like:

Each morning and afternoon is broken up into forty minute rotating periods where campers go through all of the different activities such as swimming, sports, rock climbing, lasertron, adventure course, horse back riding, and Tuck & Tack. They even have a period of small group time set aside for each individual counselor and their campers to be able to get to know each other better and learn together. Each evening features some wild and wacky age-graded group competitions, an exciting chapel program, free time in Miss Kate’s and special activities like hay rides. You can use your imagination on how fun this week would be for your child, or we could just show you! watch the highlight video below!

What is The Tuck and Tack System?


This is our camp banking system that we use for most weeks of camp (Teen Weeks may be the exception). When you go through registration you’ll turn in any spending money you want your child to have for the week. We take this money at registration time and put it in our Tuck & Tack account under your child’s name. On Monday during Tuck & Tack time at Miss Kate’s Place & The Country Store, your child will receive their card and instructions on how everything works. The procedure is this: each child goes to the counter where their account is kept so they can take out money for spending. Each Tuck & Tack card has their name and cabin on it and is worth $1, $2, or $3. They can take out as much money as they want to spend each day. This system helps us keep track of your child’s money so if they misplace their card their name is on it and we can get it back to them when it is found. Any money they do not spend from their account will be given back to them on Saturday morning.


What Should a Camper Bring and Not Bring?

Items to bring to camp:

  • Clothes your child can have fun in and not be afraid to get a little dirty.
  • Towels
  • Soap
  • Toothbrush
  • Cup
  • Sleeping bag or sheet and blankets
  • Pillow
  • Bathing suit ( NO two-piece suits)
  • Jacket
  • Cowboy boots or shoes with a one inch heel for horseback riding (this is a STATE LAW)
  • Bible and pen
  • Flashlight
  • Rain-gear
  • .. and any other toiletry items they might need.
Items that are NOT allowed at camp:
  • No tobacco
  • No matches
  • Noalcohol
  • No narcotics
  • No T- shirts that advertise
    • rock groups
    • drugs
    • alcohol
    • or tobacco
  • NO midriffs or halters or low cut tank tops. Modesty in dress is the rule of thumb.
  • NO radios, CD’S, tape players, MP 3’s or I Pod’s.
  • NO playing cards or other games – we provide all of the fun you can stand!
NOTE: mid-thigh shorts or longer are acceptable. Pants can be worn anytime, and MUST be worn for horseback riding.
Also, bring spending money for Miss Kate’s and The Country Store.


What Saturday Looks Like:

Each week the entire camp is divided into two teams: Daltons and Clantons. The campers participate in team competitions throughout the week. On Saturday the points are totaled and at approximately 9:30 AM the End of the Week Blowout will be held in our Chapel to announce the winning team and show highlights from the week. You as a parent are invited to attend this and JUST AS A WARNING – IT IS LOUD AND FUN!! It will conclude by 10:30 AM.

What is Our Discipline Procedure?

We are very serious about the above standards because it is our deepest desire that your child has a fantastic week here at Circle C. Should a camper choose not to abide by these standards, our camping staff will take appropriate action which will include one or more of the following:
  1. – a verbal warning
  2. – a verbal reprimand
  3. – a loss of privileges for one or more periods during a day
  4. – dismissal from camp ( no refund of money)
We reserve the right to accelerate this process if deemed necessary. Should your child violate a rule or behavioral standard requiring a # 3 or # 4 disciplinary response, you will be contacted by our Program Director. It is never our desire to dismiss a child from camp, but we will take the necessary steps to ensure that each camper, as stated before, has an opportunity for a safe, fun, and spiritually meaningful camping experience. We are passionate about this because simply put, WE LOVE KIDS !!!!!!



Summer 2018

Teen Week / Circle C Has Talent: $240.00 plus $75 non-refundable registration fee. Total $315.00 (U.S. funds)

Regular Weeks Three-Seven: $240.00 plus $75 non-refundable registration fee. Total $315.00 (U.S. funds) 

Early Bird Discount:


if your registration form is postmarked by May 1, you save $15 off of the price of your chosen week of camp. (registration fee remains $75) if your registration form is postmarked by June 1, you save $10 off of the price of your chosen week of camp. (Registration fee remains $75.)

Extra Week Discount:

Extra Week: Pay full price for your first week of camp and every other week you come you get $100 off! 


Sibling Discount:

When you pay full price for your first child ($305) you get $50 on your second child. If you have a big family, for every sibling after the rst two you get $75 dollars off a piece! This discount is for immediate family members only, and cannot be used by cousins, nieces or nephews. 



Any Questions?

If you have any more questions that we can help you with, you can contact us in the following ways: Phone: (716) 492-3687,, or Fax number: (716) 492-1361.

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