Snow Camp is the Weekend Event for YOUR Youth Group!

Snow camp is a weekend long experience with all the facilities going strong. It is for ages 12 and up. Each weekend we will be experiencing a western new york winter as well as giving these students the time of their life!



It is our goal to provide a weekend retreat for your group that will challenge your students spiritually and bond your group emotionally.

We do this by providing all the facilities and planning all scheduling so that youth workers who are passionate about their students, don’t have to worry about legistics. All they have to worry about is investing in their students.


*For every 10 students, your group will get one adult leader for free.



As you enter Circle “C” Ranch, you will be met by one of our staff members who will instruct you on where to go for registration. From there your group will then be free to enjoy our Game Room and Snack-Shop, up until the meeting at 8:00 P.M.

Friday Night

The next huge part of our weekend happens around 11:00 P.M. at the Wild West Adventure Town building. There will be hot-dogs and hamburgers being grilled for purchase, as well as complimentary snacks. This is where we pull out the craziest games we can think of for your students to partake in. This night of games will be sure to either excite your students or just entertain them!

Saturday Morning


Saturday Morning is started off with a good hearty breakfast and followed by a chapel service. Mr. Wes, the founder, speaks to the students and presents the gospel. He then gives the leaders a chance to talk to any students who in that chapel service chose to follow Christ. After that service it is all preparation for the next big competition, Hot Dog Tubing. This competition consists  of the students going down our tubing hill in different categories as creatively as they can in order to impress our panel of judges.

Saturday Afternoon

After the competition we all have lunch in our dining hall, and then head up to chapel where Wes Aarum Jr. gives the students relevant truth in a relevant way. After this service is when Circle C Ranch really kicks into high gear with all of our facilities going with our afternoon rotation (50 minute periods at 4 different stations so that every student has a chance to partake in everything we offer). Whether it is lasertron, rockwall climbing, making s’mores or even playing video games, they will have a chance to do it all during this time!

Saturday Evening

After our rotational periods it is time for dinner, which is normally an Italian style dinner that will not disappoint. After dinner everyone heads to the Wild West Adventure Town again for our “Mario Cart Live” where we take the intense fun of mario cart and bring it to life. Your students will battle each other with different power ups and pedal as fast as they can on our adult sized Tricycles. Once that game is finished there will be free time until the night chapel service that is unlike any other they have been to before. This service consists of intense team games, fun songs, dramas and finally a wrap up message that challenges the students to remove obstacles from their life and to be used by God in a better way.

Sunday Morning

The students wake up to a good old fashioned breakfast, and then up to chapel for our final service. This service will be different from the rest. During this service, the students will have time to participate in different activities. They may choose to spend time with God or write a letter to a Christian in prison on the other side of the world. After the service is the final competition, the Donut Relay! And finally we wrap up our weekend with lunch, and the announcement of who wins the tootsie roll.


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